FAQ’s and “small print”.

We manufacture all of our solid wood furniture  using only wood acquired from recognised timber merchants . This is supposed to have been treated by them for insect nuisances, and kiln or air dried to the appropriate standards . Sited inland we are not susceptible to borer infestations. 

Please ensure that you are fully acquainted with the average standard of finishes as can be viewed at our showroom. Please note materials and methods used , eg draw boxes, hinges , jointing , standard handles etc.  We can amend our quote should you require  higher specs and standards of finish . 

There are occasions where it is practical and economical  to use mdf or veneer boards eg. when a wooden shelf is susceptible to heat emanation from decoders etc. Wood is a natural material and depending on its grain may experience some of the effects of dry or moist weather and sometimes even air conditioning . This may differ from wood to wood and plank to plank.   

We  warrant our workmanship for at least 12 months , but cannot guarantee  wood failure , effects of exposure to the elements, or wear and tear , and reserve our right to repair or replace. Wood by its very nature has natural qualities of longevity and personal character but lacks the perfection of processed veneers. Character of wood differs and each piece is unique, and on acceptance of a quote we can only guarantee average characteristics.   

All second hand goods sold from the shop are sold voetstoets with no refunds .  

Wood staining and techniquing is not an exact science and we can only attempt to create a ” similar ” or “reasonable” match to any sample submitted. It is recommended that all matching pieces are supplied and made at the same time.  

After our  quote has been accepted, we require your confirmation of order  by payment ( preferably by EFT ) of a reasonable +/- 40 % non refundable commitment deposit into our bank account ,and the pieces are normally ready for viewing at our premises in  +/- 4 weeks unless there are given time constraints. Goods must then be settled in full before collection / delivery ( extra ) .  We make every effort to ensure that  reasonable issues raised on viewing are corrected. Any ex stock sales are subject to a 10% return fee for a period of 5 days. In 24 years of operation we have had less than 5 returns / cancellations and normally meet expectations !

We also provide a local, very cost effective, discretionary, in house delivery service to your gate. Our driver will assist you with  offloading and placement and bring extra staff at cost if required.   Regional , subcontinental or international delivery can also be arranged at cost ex factory and we are happy to package and crate for export.  

We also work closely with Interior Decorators and welcome their trade inquiries at discounted rates.

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